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Frequently Asked Questions
What is unique about A C Newman & Company (ACN)?
ACN offers a comprehensive portfolio of Group Accident products responding to everyday risks faced by employers and employees. Flexibility in plan design and underwriting translate to value and convenience for both the employer and the employee.
How are coverages offered?
Group Accident programs are offered through the employer. Eligibility is determined by the employer and can include officers, salaried or hourly employees, managers, unions or named individuals. With certain products the employee has the opportunity to purchase more insurance coverage.
How do I obtain a quote?
Contacting one of our underwriters directly via email, phone or fax begins the process. Generic quoting forms are available. ACN can work with electronic data supplied by the client.
Is there a minimum premium or number of lives?
Our typical minimum annual policy premium is $1,000, and our minimum number of lives varies by product.
Can War Risk be written on a stand-alone basis?
Why should an employer offer Basic and Voluntary AD&D and BTA coverages?
These group accident programs are part of a complete employee package designed to attract quality employees and enhance employee retention. Accidents are the leading cause of death in all age groups up to age 45, and group AD&D coverage is an extremely affordable insurance solution.
What should I do if I have a potential claim?
We ask that notice of all claims be forwarded to us immediately for processing.

Contact: claims@acnewman.com

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