Voluntary AD&D

Accidents are the 3rd leading cause of death up to age 65*. Mortgage payments, rent, child day care expenses and day-to-day living costs may all be jeopardized if the money is not there to help provide the needed financial security.

Voluntary AD&D, also known as Personal Accident Insurance enables the employer to offer supplemental insurance to the employee without incurring hard costs. Voluntary AD&D may be written as a stand alone plan, which does not require the employer purchase other accident insurance. This makes the personal accident plan ideal for use with flex benefit programs.

The Personal Accident Insurance premium is paid by the employee through payroll deduction. A benefit, in addition to any other insurance, is paid to the insured or their beneficiary in the event of death or accidental covered injury.

Personal Accident Insurance provides employees and their dependents with full 24/7 Business and Pleasure protection while at work and at home on a global basis. It offers high limit protection up to ten times annual earnings.

 Coverage can be customized, and some of the many benefits can include:
  • Paralysis
  • Coma
  • Terrorism
  • Criminal Assault
  • Loss of Use
  • Permanent and Total Disability
Benefits supporting family members:

A global emergency services program from Assist America, provides immediate access to doctors, hospitals and other services when a member is faced with a medical emergency which is more than 100 miles from their home.

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